Change the Way You Floss Forever

home-flossbossThe Floss Boss™ is the ultimate flossing aid. This flosser is designed for everybody, whether or not they wear braces. The FlossBoss™ is more hygienic than using traditional flossing methods. With the Floss Boss, you will not have to place your fingers in your mouth to floss the back teeth. No wet or pinched fingers! Also, the Floss Boss provides a fresh piece of floss for every tooth. You can floss up to 90 times with ease using the self-contained 3-month supply of floss. The Floss Boss cuts down on waste because it uses less floss. Not only is the FlossBoss™ environmentally-friendly because it cuts down on waste but it’s also completely recyclable.

Invented by a Dentist

The best way to combat tooth decay and gum disease is to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Braces can accumulate food and plaque, which can stain teeth, cause tooth decay and gum disease, and can result in white spots on the teeth after the braces are removed. Flossing is an essential part of the tooth cleaning process because it breaks up and removes the plaque from between the teeth and the gum line… especially if you are undergoing orthodontic therapy. The ADA continues to recommend brushing twice a day and flossing between the teeth once a day to remove plaque from all tooth surfaces. The Floss Boss™ and FlossPro™ were invented by a dentist, for dentists and patients to improve the efficiency of flossing.

For Professional Use

Save time serving your orthodontic hygiene patients because flossing with the FlossPro™ from FlossBoss Oral Hygiene System takes a fraction of the time as flossing with a traditional floss threader. A new and fresh piece of floss is used for each tooth and the used floss is disposed of automatically. The FlossPro may be the most hygienic, efficient, and simple way to floss in the office and it helps to encourage flossing at home for all your orthodontic patients.

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