Flossing with Braces Made Easy

Save time serving your orthodontic hygiene patients because flossing with the FlossPro™ from FlossBoss Oral Hygiene System takes a fraction of the time as flossing with a traditional floss threader. A new and fresh piece of floss is used for each tooth and the used floss is disposed of automatically. The FlossPro may be the most hygienic, efficient, and simple way to floss in the office and it helps to encourage flossing at home for all your orthodontic patients.

  1. Carefully slide the prong between the teeth and wire.
  2. Angle the head of the flosser towards your gums as you floss the contact area between each tooth.
  3. Remove the flosser from your mouth and hold the “Button” down as you rotate the “Dial” to get a fresh piece of floss between the prongs.
  4. Release the “Button” and rotate “Dial” again to achieve desired floss tension. Advance fresh floss frequently to get the most out of your flossing routine.