Flossing with Braces Made Easy

how-to-pageSave time flossing!  Flossing with the FlossBoss™ takes a fraction of the time as flossing with a traditional floss threader.  Hygiene is a top priority for the FlossBoss™, a new and fresh piece of floss is used for each tooth and the used floss is disposed of automatically.  Fresh floss is always just a turn of the handle away!  But the FlossBoss™ is also very efficient in its’ use of floss, cutting down on waste.  Each FlossBoss™ is completely recyclable and comes with a self-enclosed 3-month supply of floss.  The FlossBoss™ may be the most hygienic, efficient, and simple way to floss.

  1. Push button while rotating dial clockwise to advance floss for a fresh piece each time.
  2. Rotate dial clockwise to adjust the floss tension. For best results, advance floss often and rinse frequently.