Learn what dentists and patients are saying about the Floss Boss™ and FlossPro™ from FlossBoss Oral Hygiene System. These flossers will change the way you floss forever. They can even be used by patients with braces.


patient-review1“The old way, you have to use kind of a needle and thread, but the Floss Boss is easier because you can just slip it in and out in like one second.”
patient-review2“I would internally groan every time I was getting ready for bed to have to sit down and floss. Now it’s so much easier.”
patient-review3“You can get in there and maneuver around from back to front. I’m real happy with it.”
patient-review4​​​​”You don’t get all gross with your hands in your mouth, and it’s more convenient and cleaner for your teeth.”

Dental Professionals

pro-review1General Dentist: “The Floss Boss is very different from other devices I’ve used. It’s very easy to get to hard-to-reach spots. It’s very sanitary, it lets you floss properly, and it makes flossing fun.”
pro-review2Hygienist: “For patients who want more convenience, the Floss Boss is awesome. It can go into a bag, a purse, a gym bag, or into your desk.”
pro-review3​Orthodontist: “The Floss Boss has taken hygiene in our practice to the next level. It lets my orthodontic patients easily floss in between each bracket It has turned our non-flossing patients into flossers, and our flossers into happy flossers.”